Shakira is ready to see some dance moves! The Colombian singer, who recently released her latest collaboration with Manuel Turizo, is encouraging her fans and followers to try a new choreography from their song ‘Copa Vacia.’

The acclaimed musician shared a video of herself singing along to the track with the Instagram filter. She can be seen poolside wearing a brown 2-piece bikini with the filter making her hair purple and showing a mermaid tail while she shows the choreography.

“I want to see your take on this little mermaid dance, who’s up for it?” Shakira wrote, inviting her fans to show off their best dance moves. She previously posted a video trying out the filter for the first time, with fans going crazy and sharing their excitement for the new collaboration, which already has over 30 million streams on Spotify.

“The mermaid sacrifices a lot of things for love and ends up in a dump. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence,” Manuel said at the time of the release, detailing the story behind the song and the music video, which was seemingly inspired by Disney’s live-action film ‘The Little Mermaid.’

Shakira shared a new behind-the-scenes clip of the music video when an unexpected guest crashed the set. The hilarious video shows the singer being surprised by a rat as she is laying on a rock while filming. “Things that happen to mermaids,” she wrote, showing her reaction and screaming after seeing that the rat was approaching.

She previously sharedaother behind-the-scenes memory from the set of the music video, revealing to Primer Impacto that “the fish tank broke” and “the set began to flood.” The singer said that she had to be taken out of there, “I couldn’t go out because I had a mermaid tail, and I couldn’t climb out.”

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