“Katy Perry Embraces the Latest Y2K Craze That’s Taking the Fashion World by Storm”

Katie Holmes also donned the controversial pattern, as we at our company assess all suggested goods and services on our own. In case you choose to access the links we offer, we may earn payment. Get further details.

LOTD 2/17: Katy Perry

Animal prints have always been associated with glamour and elegance, and while the materials used to create these prints have evolved over time, the overall theme has remained the same. Recently, Katy Perry stepped out in Los Angeles wearing a zebra print two-piece outfit, proving that this trend is still going strong. Other celebrities like Katie Holmes and Emily Ratajkowski have also been spotted wearing zebra print in different ways. While this trend may not be for everyone, it’s back and gaining popularity. Perry paired her zebra print outfit with an asymmetrical metallic top, adding another trendy element to her look. She completed her outfit with knee-high boots and stylish accessories. One thing we can learn from Perry’s outfit is that it’s possible to wear multiple statement pieces in one outfit. If you’re feeling inspired, shop some Perry-inspired pieces and put your own fashion sense to the test.

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